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  • St. Margaret’s Church
  • PopUP Pantry (Diana Love and Amy Marshall)
  • Downtown Hope Church
  • Anne Arundel County Muslim Council
  • Evangelical Presbyterian Church
  • West Annapolis Business Affiliation
  • Our Lady of Guadalupe Ministry
  • West Annapolis Volunteers
  • Sé Fuerte Annapolis (Ethel Wirth)
  • Heritage Harbor Women’s Club
  • Arundel Community Development Services, Inc.
  • Gardner Center
  • Anne Arundel Women Giving Together
  • Mary Page Drake
  • Douglas & Laura Palmer
  • Michael Meinhold & Patricia
  • O’Connor Meinhold
  • Joseph & Jill Simon Charitable Fund
  • The Openshaw Charitable Fund
  • Attridge Family Charitable Fund
  • John Klune & Geetha Jeyabalan
  • Kristen Keuleman
  • Ronald Jarashow
  • Jay Thompson
  • John Mullen
  • Timothy Griffith
  • Judith E. Burke


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