Adult Academy: What’s Going On?

English as a Second Language Program

The English as a Second Language program is expanding significantly in response to the significant number of students at home due to the pandemic. We have created two new beginner classes with 15 students each. We still have a 100 student waiting list. We are working with our partners, EP church, Downtown Hope, and the Anne Arundel Community College to place these students who would like to learn English. We thank our ESL teachers for going above and beyond their duties to make sure their students enjoy classes and learn as much as possible via Zoom.

I am very happy with my classes that l am taking at the Center. It helps me overcome my shyness to communicate in a second language. The class taught me a lot, especially in understanding English much better because I have wonderful teachers. It is also a good excuse for me to have something to look forward to because I enjoy every session, and I have become friends with teachers and students.

Testimonial by Soroor, Level 4 English student

Citizenship Classes

The Citizenship classes continue to meet weekly to prepare for the exam. Many students take English classes and citizenship classes, and others meet with other students throughout the week to study their lessons. The teachers have mentioned that they are impressed with how well the students are improving their English, and they are proud of the students who are back every week, ready to learn more. We thank St. Margaret’s Church for many years of supporting the Citizenship program with excellent teachers.

Plaza Comunitaria

Congratulations to our Plaza Comunitaria alumni, Gilbertina Chajaj

Hello everyone, have a lovely and blessed day. My name is Gilbertina Galeano. Thank God, one more goal, one more dream that I realized with effort and dedication. Thanks to Plaza Comunitaria at the Center of Help, and the Mexican Consulate, which supported and encouraged me to complete my studies. It is never too late to accomplish what we set out to do. I am very excited to have made it. I also encourage people who are already enrolled in the program to keep going. There are times when it seems to be difficult but not impossible. The Center of Help is a place with great motivational people. For those interested in the Plaza Comunitaria, the Center of Help is here to support us. Thanks to them, today I can say I made it. Remember, it is never too late!

Gilbertina Chajaj

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