Leadership and Learning Program Summer Events

We want to thank Ms. Phyllis Saroff and our partner, Maryland Hall. Ms. Phyllis’s dedication to our students has been admirable. We culminated the year with an art exhibition and an opening reception on Wednesday, June 30th at Maryland Hall. The art is located on the first floor and it will be there all through July. We thank all who came to the event!

Our students are busy in the summer camp, Monday through Friday, plus coding, book clubs, music lessons, and tennis on Saturdays. We finished our June camp successfully, and all the students transitioned to the Quiet Waters Park for the July camp. We are eager to be at the campsite in the beautiful park. Students continue their academics and have time to practice their instruments, hike, bike, and play games. 

The tennis classes are possible thanks to a partnership with Tennis Alliance, which has been a wonderful opportunity for our students to learn a new sport and do exercise. The June program was funded by the Beverly and Stephen Marcus Foundation and Creating Communities. Thank you both so much for your consistent support. The July program is sponsored by the Anne Arundel County Public Schools. 

We are grateful for all the volunteers that come each week to help our camps. Thank you!

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