Leadership & Learning Program

From First to 12 Grade
It is highly recommended that "access to culturally sensitive assessment and treatment services be available to ensure transition to a healthy adulthood."
Cleary, Dietz-Chavez, et al., 2017

We strongly believe that the trend of poor academic achievement for students for whom English is their second language can be reversed, and that all students can master academic standards if they are given time, support and instruction that focuses on their academic needs.

Saturdays from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Writing, Math, and Science with Art Integration

Wednesdays from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Math, Chess, STEM activities

Art Workshops at Maryland Hall

12:15 PM to 2:30 once a month

Guitar Lessons on Thursdays

Three-Week Summer Camp for year-long enrolled students

Spring Tennis Lessons (Tennis Alliance)

All students are enrolled in the Khan Academy online Math program and girls are enrolled in the Women Society of Engineering Club

The Leadership and Learning Program incorporates Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (STREAM) using the Motivation Education curriculum which emphasizes engaging multiple intelligences and hands-on learning.

Teachers and Tutors

The assistance and referral programs

  • Tatiana J Klein, Director
  • Bob Keddell, Advisor


  • Mrs. Kelley Tindle, ESL/Math educator
  • Margarita A Chi-Miranda, Dominic Raico, Engineering/Robotics
  • Naval Academy Midshipmen, Robotics
  • Tatiana Chi, Patricia DiStefano, Writing
  • Ant LaVorgna, Stephanie Malevich and Phyllis Saroff, Art Educators from Maryland Hall


  • Severn School students
  • Key School students
  • Community Volunteers

Thank You:
Quiet Waters Park
Crab Sail
Tennis Alliance
Histori Annapolis
AAA Bike

Thank you:

Beverly and Stephen Marcus Foundation
Rotary Club
ECRC Motivation Education
Anne Arundel Police Department
Anne Arundel Public Schools

Annapolis Environmental Players


María de la Paz
Youth Outreach Center

Monday- Friday 3:30pm-6:30pm

Victoria Marinzel

Program Specialist

Bree Allen

Art Director,

Erin Schweers, Artist

ArtReach, Maryland Hall

Gabriel Rodríguez,

Guitar Guitars for Change, Baltimore Classical Guitar Society

María de la Paz Youth Outreach Center offers activities that help youth between the ages of 12-17 to feel safe, emotionally stable, and engaged. This program addresses migration stressors (i.e. traumatic events, migration experiences, discrimination, violence, acculturation, and documentation status) possible emotional concerns (i.e. depression, anxiety, mood instability), or other behavioral concerns.

Activities include:

  • Homework help
  • Art classes
  • STEM activities
  • Career Mentorship
  • Guitar lessons
  • Group therapy
  • Joven Noble and Xinachtli programs
  • Conflict Resolution Seminars
  • Life skills
  • Mindfulness
  • Individual therapy

To enroll as a student please contact Rosibel Gomez at
To volunteer please contact Jenny O’Neill at
To offer programming, or donate supplies please contact Tatiana J Klein at

Therapeutic Activities

Many immigrants struggled knowing where to go for assistance for different issues. At the Center of Help, we provide a one-stop-shop model which facilitates them accessing services. This it is helpful for families with limited transportation, education and economic resources. Services are provided free with a donation suggestion to the clients.

Therapeutic Activities

A big thank you to Tennis Alliance of Anne Arundel County! In just a few weeks, our participants learned the love of tennis! On our first day, no one even wanted to give it a try, but after a few sessions, most of our participants started asking to play every single day! We’re sad to say goodbye at the end of the Fall tennis program, but excited to keep practicing with our brand new rackets!