COH offers the following programs and services year-round to address the myriad issues facing our clients.

For Youth

Maria de la Paz Youth Outreach Center for youth ages 12-17, which opened in June 2018, provides a safe space after-school daily (M-F) for learning and personal growth for Hispanic youth facing pressures from gangs and violence.

Leadership and Learning Program, for ages 6-17, which began in 2012 as a once-a-week homework program, was expanded to two days a week and a 2-week summer camp in 2018. The program operates Wednesdays and Saturdays plus a 3-week summer camp and uses STREAM (STEM plus Reading and Arts) to create a positive learning environment.

For Adult Education

ESOL Classes year-round: English classes are taught in English by English speakers. We offer five classes every week for learners at varying levels. Citizenship Classes: year-round,Thursdays, from 7 – 9 pmComputer Classes: Saturdays from 2- 4 pmChildcare Providers Training Class (one-year class); Mondays and Tuesdays from 6:30 to 8 pm.

FOR ADULTS: Assistance

  • Translations/interpretations
  • Bilingual employees assist clients interpreting or translating documents for immigrants to successfully and lawfully navigate their environments.Financial Assistance
  • The Center offers workshops, one-on-one financial advice, and guidance.Medical issues
  • Assist with medical bills, help create payment plans, provide resources and help clients enroll in programs. The COH is designated as an Application Counselor Sponsoring Entity by the Maryland Health Benefit Exchange.Housing and financial issues
  • Help navigate housing opportunities, leases, payment schedules and fees, and educates clients about what entails being a good neighbor in their new community. Court issues.
  • Pro-bono bilingual lawyers come to the Center twice a month offering legal advice.
  • Employment and workers compensation resources. The Center provides help with job search, job applications, and resume writing, and provides information about immigration-related unfair employment practices. Applications assistance
  • Assists clients with correctly completing any and all types of applications.