The Leadership and Learning Program


Maximizing high school and higher education graduation for young immigrant leaders in Anne Arundel County.


The Leadership and Learning program aims to motivate immigrant students ages 6 to 17 to take on academic and leadership challenges by supporting, and preparing them for higher education.



Leadership and Learning Program (L&L), which aims to motivate immigrant students ages 6 to 17 to take on academic and leadership challenges by supporting, and preparing them for higher education.  Classes include math, science, coding, writing, music (violin, piano, flute, guitar), art, photography, and tennis. Students also participate in Community Service projects, field trips, workshops, and a three-week Summer Camp. This program attracts highly motivated students and families who understand that education is a critical part of eradicating poverty

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All programs are available to students free of charge. We also help them find the instruments through donations and or fundraising. Thank you for your kind donation!

It is highly recommended that “access to culturally sensitive assessment and treatment services be available to ensure transition to a healthy adulthood.

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We strongly believe that the trend of poor academic achievement for students for whom English is their second language can be reversed, and that all students can master academic standards if they are given time, support and instruction that focuses on their academic needs.

In 2020, we shifted our 41 enrolled students in the Leadership Learning Program to a class-by-class structure, and we offered art, coding, violin, guitar, piano, 2nd-4th grade book club, essay writing, photography, tennis classes, science, and math classes. In addition, all 41 students received one-on-one math tutoring and homework help. During summer camp, we also offered music, art, photography, tennis and academic classes plus three field trips; the Jug Bay Wetland Sanctuary for a community service project,  the Chesapeake Bay Foundation for an environment learning session and the Sailing organization CRAB (Chesapeake Region Accessible Boating) for skill development.

A highlight this year is that the Center was able to secure an almost full scholarship to one of our most academic-oriented students at Severn School. We helped the student and her family to fill out the paperwork and continue participating as the liaison to the family in all meetings. We also connected her to tutors to help her in this milestone transition, and a private donor bought her the uniforms and books. We look forward to continuing to support her as needed throughout her high school career and beyond.

Another important highlight is that all of the high school students from the Leadership and Learning program are doing math on grade level and one is doubling in math as a freshman, taking Geometry and Algebra 2. Students receive integrated leadership skills and participate in community service projects in partnership with Watershed Stewards Academy. We are able to offer many opportunities thanks to the Baltimore Classical Guitar Society, Maryland Hall, Tennis Alliance, Creating Communities, and volunteers like you. We have a high retention rate with students now in 9th grade that started our program since elementary school. Our students practice chess regularly and have also had chess lessons in the past when funding has been available. They work with engineers on a regular basis, professional musicians, artists, and retired math educators. The program has an ESL teacher to assist those who are beginning English lessons.

Parent involvement is crucial and in addition to weekly communication, parents and children have joined hikes at the park on Sundays. Some of the parents also participate in our adult educational programs and many have received help from our case navigators at some point.

2020-2021 Program
Tutoring System- Our tutors are on call to assist our students during the week when they request help. We offer Math, Science, English and Social Studies help. They also meet for 30 minutes a week to check on their work and assist them.

Last Sunday of the month outdoor activities: Mindfulness, Art, Biking, Hiking, Games.

Three-Week Summer Camp for year-long enrolled students

Spring Tennis Lessons (Tennis Alliance)

All students are enrolled in the Khan Academy online Math program and girls are enrolled in the Women Society of Engineering Club

The Leadership and Learning Program incorporates Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (STREAM) using resources from the Motivation Education curriculum which emphasizes engaging multiple intelligences and hands-on learning. It also have a strong music program where children can learn piano, violin, guitar and other instruments depending on availability.

Teachers and Tutors

  • Alice Drayton, Book Club ES
  • Francisco Joglar, Piano
  • Anne Marie Nolan, String Director
  • Gabriel Rodriguez, Guitar Program
  • William Nolan, Science HS
  • Andrew Nolan, PE, Scouts Skills, Tutor
  • Phyllis Saroff, Art Teacher (Maryland Hall)
  • Kelley Tindle, Elementary Director
  • Tennis Alliance coaches



  • Anne Arundel County Public School students
  • Severn School students
  • Key School students
  • Community Volunteer
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Anne Arundel Police Department
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ECRC Motivation Education
Historic Annapolis
Tennis Alliance

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Beverly and Stephen Marcus Foundation

Creating Communities

Rotary Club of Annapolis

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