Strategic Plan Survey Results

When setting our 2021 strategic goals, Center of Help’s staff and board came to the realization that there was so much to be done to plan ahead for the growth of the Center. In the last few years, we have increased our staff, doubled the number of cases we assist, and increased our budget by more than double. As we move forward in the processes of rebuilding and recovering from the pandemic, the Center wanted to put the voices and needs of our clients at the forefront, so we conducted a survey with clients over a period of almost 6 months, and we wanted to share the results with you!

Our clients’ needs at the moment are diverse. More than 20% responded that they need assistance accessing health services, resolving immigration issues, and addressing financial concerns. Additionally, 19% reported needing access to educational resources and 9% government resources.

When asked if they would utilize an immigrant community center, 81% of clients said they would!

When asked what services are needed in the community that we do not already offer, 17.2% would like the Center to offer Job Training, 14.3% believe the Center should offer programs related to opening and maintaining businesses, 14.3% would like to see the center assist with tax preparation.

After months of collecting data from clients, staff, community members, and volunteers, we are moving forward into the next stage of our strategic plan: developing objectives, and we cannot wait to share our final plan for 2022-2027 with you soon.

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