Youth Academy: Recognizing our Students

Leadership & Learning Program

The Leadership and Learning program is meeting half capacity in person at the Center on Saturdays. We have virtual tutors for most of our students, but it has been challenging to ensure consistency. We keep improving the system and welcome volunteers who would like to spend 30 minutes a week with the student to ensure they are doing their school work. If you would like to tutor in person, please let Tatiana know by emailing her at

The Center of Help is proud to recognize Amy, one of our Leadership and Learning Program students, for receiving the Middle School Equity in Education Scholarship at St. Anne’s School. Amy will enter 6th grade at St. Anne’s next fall, and we are very excited to support her in this endeavor. Amy has been a part of our Leadership and Learning program since third grade. She takes violin, guitar, coding, math, art, and writing classes at the Center. Before COVID-19, she participated in our STEM program, Chess club, and community service projects. Amy also attended summer camp, and field trips, which we are eager to resume this summer. Congratulations, Amy! We would also like to extend our thanks to St. Anne’s School for their generosity and support!

Amy L., recipient of the Middle School Equity in Education Scholarship (EES) at St. Anne’s School

Jennifer G. started Severn School with a full scholarship as a 9th grader under COVID-19 conditions. We are very proud of her determination and her strong academic performance. Jennifer has joined many activities at Severn and now is giving back to our Center by helping Severn with their April Fair Celebration offered to the Center of Help’s Leadership and Learning program each year. Jennifer plays flute and is learning piano and guitar. Jennifer came to us in 6th grade. Jennifer hopes to go to an Ivy League School and loves learning. She has also participated in our coding, math, writing, and before COVID, our STEM program, chess club, community service, summer camp, and field trips.

Jennifer G., recipient of a full scholarship at Severn School

We congratulate Jared L., Jennifer G., and Carlos M., These three straight A’s 9th grade students from our Leadership and Learning program received new Mac Air computers as an incentive. An anonymous donor provided the computers. 

Maria de la Paz Outreach Center

We want to thank Creating Communities and Rob Levit for sponsoring an in-person eight-week Art Session with our María de la Paz Youth Outreach Center. The students will be exploring art techniques and design. On Zoom, students continue their academic tutoring and classes in conflict resolution. We thank all our volunteers who have given so much of their time to our students. We congratulate Stiven for his success playing soccer with the Annapolis High School soccer team. Besides attending the María de la Paz Youth Outreach Center, Stiven also volunteers for the Center. A true leader!. To read the full story, visit

Stiven, soccer player of the Annapolis High School soccer team

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